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Industrial Properties in Singapore

Commercial & Industrial Properties
What you should know

Industrial Commercial Properties buy sale lease, warehouse , flatted factory, workshop, open space, ramped up units, office, manufacturing, food industry ,light industrial, B1 industrial, B2 industrial building, Industrial Park, canteen, land, Business & Science Park Hi-Tech Industrial, Logistics & Distribution Centres. Maximum exposure and commitment

Commercial And Industrial

In Singapore foreigners are allowed to own Commercial and Industrial land or landed properties but shophouse which is not strata subdivided and is erected on land which has been zoned Residential is considered Restricted Property so foreigners are not allowed to buy without approval from the government.

Although HDB shophouses are built buy HDB (Housing & Development Board), there is no restriction on foreigners so long they are above 21 years of age and are not an undercharged bankrupt except for those zoned residential.

GLS Projects

Projects that are developed on land sold by the Government through the Government Land Sales (GLS) programme. Sites are usually sold on 99-year leases for commercial, hotel and private residential development whereas leases for industrial sites are usually for 60 years.

Industrial Property News

Strong rental prospects for Singapore's industrial property market. Source CNA

Size matters for industrial property units Source AsiaOne


Singapore industrial property and classification

Singapore industrial property mainly consists of factory space, warehouse space and industrial land. It is classified under 3 zone, Business 1 ( B1 ), Business 2 ( B2 ) and Business Park. According to URA-Urban Redevelopment Authority definition, B1 zoning applies to industrial properties that are within a zone that is less than 50 metres buffer that's imposed by NEA National Environment Agency. Whereby B2 properties will normally have a 50m or more buffers due to environmental issues that may cause pollution or nuisance to surroundings or nearby residential areas. Most industrial properties come with a 30 to 60 years old lease. There are some with a freehold or 99 years tenure in certain parts of Singapore.

Warehouse Space

Warehouse Space refers to the covered space used or intended to be used predominantly as storage area for raw materials, semi-finished or finished goods. The statistics exclude space in shophouses used for storage.

Factory Space

Factory Space refers to the space used or intended to be used for industrial purposes, comprising buildings or part of the buildings used for the manufacturing, altering, repairing, ornamenting, finishing, cleaning, washing, packing, canning, breaking-up or demolition of any article or its parts and the processing and treatment of minerals. Factory buildings are further classified into multiple-user factory, single-user factory, Business Park and Warehouse Retail.

Single-user industrial property refers to an industrial development that is intended for use by a single occupier. No strata subdivision is allowed for this form of industrial development

Multiple-user industrial property refers to an industrial development that is capable of being strata subdivided and thus could be used by multiple users. The users of the individual units (usually within flatted developments) are independent of one another.

Business Park development refers to an area set aside for non-pollutive industries and businesses that engage in high technology, research and development (R&D), high value-added and knowledge intensive activities. Although a business park development is usually multiple-user, the guidelines are significantly different from that of the conventional industrial development.

Warehouse Retail / Industrial Retail Building (under the Warehouse Retail Scheme) refers to a single-user development operating on industrial sites with integrated business models that encompass elements of both retail and warehouse

Industrial Land

Industrial land refers to land zoned under industrial. These lands are mostly sold by the Government through the Government Land Sales (GLS) programme. These prepared industrial lands are for custom built facilities on 30 or 60 years lease

Industrial Land Use Zones

Under the Master Plan 2008, a new impact-based zoning approach was introduced to Singapore Industrial Property to replace the Warehouse, Light Industry and General Industry in the Master Plan 1998. The 2 new zones are Business 1 ( B1 ) and Business 2 ( B2 ), according to their impact on the environment. Singapore Industrial Property can also be classified under the various Master Plan 2008 zoning as follows:

Business 1 ( B1 ) These are areas used or intended to be used for industry, warehouse, utilities and telecommunication uses for which the relevant authority (eg. NEA) does not impose a nuisance buffer greater than 50m.

Business 2 ( B2 ) These are areas used or intended to be used for industry, warehouse, utilities and telecommunication uses, whereby the business uses will imposed nuisance buffer more than 50m and within health and safety buffers. Special industries such as manufacture of industrial machinery, shipbuilding and repairing, may be allowed in selected areas subject to evaluation by the Competent Authority.

Business Park The Master Plan 2008 zoning of "Business Park" specifically sets aside land for non-pollutive industries and businesses that engage in high-technology, research and development (R&D), high value-added and knowledge-intensive activities. Business parks and science parks are examples of developments within this zoning.



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